<p>Niyama, Maldives.</p>



A very warm welcome.


Yes, I could not decide whether it should be a purely professional website with some photos (I took over the last years) or a photo website about my profession as a brand enthusiast, communication specialist, strategist, and brand experience creator. 


That's why it has become like this right now. Have fun scrolling through. 
… and of course: thanks in advance for feedback and comments.

<p>Sardinia, Italy.</p>
<p>Langtang, Nepal</p>



Bernhard Pompeÿ

Zurich, Switzerland
+41 78 848 74 42



<p>Autumn in the Black Forest near Freiburg, the city where I grew up.<br />Freiburg, Germany.  </p>
<p>Fullmoon shooting in Arosa, Switzerland.</p>



Extra nothing for Internet Explorer users.


It took me a lot of effort to design the website that is displayed with many massive errors and bugs on Internet Explorer. That is my personal message to Microsoft. 

Eat this, Bill. 

<p>Coober Pedi, Australia.</p>
<p>Arosa, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Teufelsbrücke, Andermatt, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Not a shooting star but just as rare to see in the sky at the moment: an airplane. Arosa, Switzerland.</p>
<p>The famous Al-Khazneh temple in Petra, Jordan.</p>
<p>Dubai, UAE.</p>
<p>St. Gotthard pass, 2106 m, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Mölltaler Gletscher, Kärnten, Austria.</p>
<p>'Monte Kali' near Heringen, 2020, Germany.<br />A Monte Kali, Kaliberg, or Kalimandscharo is the colloquial term for several slag heaps in Germany, which consists of spoil from potash salt production.</p>
<p>Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge at Namib-Naukluft NP, Namibia.</p>
<p>Fishmarket, Suhar, Oman.</p>
<p>One of the big landmarks in Switzerland - the Landwasser Viaduct. <br />Graubünden, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Scenic flight over the Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>Auberge Kasbah Meteorites, Marocco.</p>
<p>Coober Pedy, Australia. </p>
<p>Protea sometimes also called sugarbushes, South Africa.</p>
<p>Venice during Corona Lockdown 2020, Italy.</p>
<p>Pyongyang, D.P.R.K.</p>
<p>Full spring time. Our neighbor's magnolia tree in front of his somewhat difficult (#notaste) wall color, makes the flowers really shine even brighter.</p>
<p>Giardino Garibaldi Palermo, Sicily, Italy.</p>
<p>Gullfoss waterfall, located in the canyon of the Hvítá river in southwest Iceland.</p>
<p>Muscat, Oman.</p>
<p>St. Gotthard, Switzerland.</p>
<p>St. George's Chapel (Berschis), Walenstadt, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Venice during Corona Lockdown 2020, Italy.</p>
<p>Dubai, UAE.</p>
<p>Caumasee, Flims, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Abandoned Theme Park, Muscat, Oman.</p>
<p>The impressive panorama of the Swiss Alps. Although it has been seen hundreds of times... especially here on Insta,... but still fascinating and beautiful. Arosa, Switzerland.</p>
<p>The awesome blossom of Glyzine or Wisterie in Zurich, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Evening mood in the Etosha National Park, Namibia.</p>
<p>The Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.</p>
<p>Jebel Kawr, Oman.</p>
<p>Waldhessen, Germany.</p>
<p>Campsite at Damaraland, Namibia.</p>
<p>Venice with my pinhole camera. </p>
<p>This picture is 1 of 9 (!) pictures I took during my whole stay in Venice in 1999. </p>
<p>I know it sounds silly to take only 9 pictures in total, but the thousands of mobile phone pictures you take nowadays don't look any better. </p>
<p>Scenic flight over the Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>The coastline at the Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>Kyanjing Gompa, Nepal.</p>
Waldhessen, Germany.
<p>Caumasee, Flims, Switzerland.</p>
<p>View from the Siegessäule to the Tiergarten and the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany. </p>
<p>St. Gotthard, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Pelican at Walvis Bay, Namibia.</p>
<p>Erongo NP, Namibia.</p>
<p>Sossusvlei, Namibia.</p>
<p>A cemetery in Likpe Bakwa, Volta Region, Ghana. </p>
<p>Sirius - the brightest star in our solar system shines above the Swiss Alps. The clear starry sky allows the beautiful scene of light and shadow on the mountain peaks. Arosa, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Switzerland in winter.<br />Elgg, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Scenic flight over the Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>Tällistock, Switzerland.</p>
<p>3:55 am at Langtang valley, Nepal.</p>
<p>The highest mountain in eastern Switzerland, the Säntis, even if only 2502m high, but with an exceptional view of the surrounding Alps. </p>
<p>Wrocław (Breslau), Polska.</p>
<p>Kumasi Market, Ghana. </p>
<p>Rainforest nearby Hohoe, Volta Region Ghana.</p>
<p>Magnolias in Zurich, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Maybe I exaggerated a bit with the pink slider in Lightroom... Pretty nice here in Zurich/Bertastrasse.</p>
<p>One of the big landmarks in Switzerland - the Landwasser Viaduct. <br />Graubünden, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Scenic flight over the Namib desert, Namibia.</p>
<p>Autumn in the Black Forest near Freiburg, the city where I grew up.<br />Freiburg, Germany.  </p>
<p>The place, where I grew up. Freiburg, Germany.</p>
<p>View from the Cessna. <br />The colorful Salt Fields at the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.</p>
<p>Niyama, Maldives.</p>
<p>Walvis Bay, Namibia.</p>
<p>Marina di Pisa. Tuscany, Italy.</p>
<p>Kyanjing Gompa, Langtang, Nepal</p>
<p>Etosha National Park, Namibia.</p>
<p>Rainforest evening mood somewhere in the Volta Region, Ghana. </p>
<p>Serious soccer game in Hohoe, Voltaregion, Ghana. </p>
<p>Unique mountain scenery of the Churfirsten with a view of Lake Walen, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Litchfield NP, Australia. </p>
<p>The Sahara Desert at the border region of Algeria and Marocco.</p>
<p>Atlas Mountains, Marocco.</p>
<p>Tremola, St. Gotthard, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Allotment garden colony. Zurich, Switzerland. </p>
<p>Oryx at Damaraland, Namibia.</p>
<p>Litchfield NP, Australia. </p>
<p>Flumserberg, Switzerland.</p>
<p>Kyanjin Ri, Langtang, Nepal</p>
<p>Venice during Corona Lockdown 2020, Italy.</p>
<p>Kaesŏng, D.P.R.K.</p>
<p>Container Terminal Hamburg, Germany.</p>
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